How to Remove a Door Lock on an Econoline Van

by Alibaster Smith

The Econoline van from Ford Motor Company uses Ford's standard door-locking mechanism. The door lock is attached to a lock rod assembly, which controls the opening of the door. It's bolted to the frame behind the door panel. The only specialty tool you should need is a trim removal tool. It's available at any auto parts store. The job should take you about an hour.

Open the door and use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the door handle assembly to the inside door panel.

Remove the screws holding the window control module to the door panel.

Wedge the tip of the trim removal tool behind the top portion of the door panel, and pry it off the door frame.

Reach behind the door panel and use the socket wrench to remove the two bolts that secure the door lock and handle assembly to the frame.

Pull up on the lock rod assembly.

Pull the door lock assembly off the door panel with your hands. Then pull the door handle off the outside of the door frame.

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