How to Remove a Dodge Truck Bumper

by Don Bowman

Truck bumpers come in many styles and different materials to enhance the vehicle's looks. But appearance is one thing, and functionality is another. If you will be using a bumper hitch, a bumper strong enough to handle the tongue weight is needed. If you will constantly climb up on the bumper or rest heavy things on the bumper when getting in and out of the back of the truck, you must replace it. Thankfully, removing the old bumper is not very difficult.

Disconnect any external electrical connections by pulling them apart. Disconnect the connectors for the license plate lights---these should be under the vehicle below the tailgate.

Remove the nuts on the inside bracket that extends from the bumper straight back to the frame. There will be two or three bolts in each of the brackets holding the bracket to the frame. Remove the nuts on these bolts with the ½-inch drive socket and a ratchet. The bumper is heavy, so leave the bolts in at this point.

Remove the bumper by carefully pulling out the bolts by hand while supporting the bumper in the other hand.

Install the new brackets on the new bumper using the ½-inch drive sockets and ratchet.

Remove the old license plate lights from the old bumper if the new bumper does not come with them. They usually just twist out. Install them in the new bumper---they should twist in by hand.

Support the bumper; hold it with the brackets lined up on the frame and insert the bolts. Install the washers and nuts by hand. The bumper will have a certain amount of play forward and backward, and up and down as well. Align the bumper fore and aft first, and make sure it is not too far or close to the body. Tighten the nuts with the ½-inch drive socket and ratchet. Tighten it just enough to keep it from moving and check the clearance in between the body. Level the bumper on the vertical plane as necessary, and tighten the nuts securely.

Install the tag lights' electrical connector by pushing both halves together.

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