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How to Remove a Wheel Cover or Hub Cap From a Subaru

by Russell Wood

When it comes time to perform work on the suspension or tires on your Subaru, you're going to have to take off the wheels first before you get going. At first, this would seem like a straightforward procedure, but sometimes the hub caps or wheel covers on your rims don't appear obviously removable which makes some scratch their head. Fortunately, if you have the right tools, the job is fairly easy.


Open the trunk and pull up the carpet on the floor to reveal the spare tire kit. Open up the kit and locate the hub cap remover, which looks like a large flat head screwdriver or a wide spoon.


Place the edge of the hub cap remover in between the lip of the rim and the hub cap itself, pushing it in as far as you can go.


Push the hub cap remover towards the vehicle, which should leverage the hub cap away from the wheel. Repeat this process by working around the wheel until the hub cap can be removed or pops off completely.

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