How to Check the Oil on a Suzuki 250 ATV

by Robert Good
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Suzuki has a variety of 250cc-engine ATVs, including a racing quad, a rancher and a basic 4x4. Checking the oil is the same for each of them. On the side of the ATV crankcase is a small black cap that says "Oil." On the underside of the cap is a dipstick. You'll use the dipstick to determine the oil level inside the crankcase.

Step 1

Start the Suzuki ATV's 250cc engine and allow it to warm up for about 10 minutes. Let the engine sit for about 10 minutes to allow all of the oil to drain into the bottom of the crankcase.

Step 2

Twist the oil cap off the crankcase. Turn the cap counterclockwise until the cap comes off. Wipe the engine oil off the dipstick using a rag.

Step 3

Replace the dipstick to the crankcase.Turn the cap until the cap is tight. Twist the cap off again and pull the cap outward to read the oil level.

Step 4

Check the oil level. Add engine oil to the engine if the oil level on the dipstick is at or near the "Add" line. If the oil level is at the "Full," no oil is needed.

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