How to Remove the Center Console on a Prius

by Teresa Rodriguez
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The second generation Toyota Prius was manufactured from 2003 through the 2009 models. The center console of the Gen II Prius holds both the LCD display panel as well as audio and climate controls. The high mounting position makes it easy to view at a glance while driving. Removing the Prius center console is necessary for most audio system upgrades, as well as modifications or alterations to the Prius seats.

Step 1

Park the vehicle in a location away from traffic. Turn the engine off, and disconnect the negative lead from the 12-volt battery.

Step 2

Open the center console lid, and remove the rug on the floor of the console. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom that are now exposed.

Step 3

Pull the cup holder trim from the front of the console by just pulling it off the clips. Unscrew two screws at the front lower sides of the console that are now exposed near the floor. Ignore the screws on the side in the middle of the console. They only secure the console shelf.

Step 4

Tilt the entire console back. It will still be attached to all the wires for power, audio and other components. Unplug all wire connections, and lift the console out of the center housing.

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