How to Remove a Car Stereo Code

by Greyson Ferguson

Car stereo systems often have codes placed into the main receiver, allowing it to communicate with amplifiers and newly connected speakers. However, if you are running into trouble with the receiver or you have recently replaced the amp and need to enter in a new code, you must first reset the car stereo system. The stereo system has a built in reset button or feature, allowing you to quickly remove the previous code preset and return the stereo back to its original factory settings.

Power on the car so the stereo system turns on. You need the stereo on to remove the code inset in the system.

Locate the small reset point on the stereo display. This is a small button roughly the size if a pencil tip. This prevents the button from being easily pushed. If you are using the factory default stereo in your car, this button does not exist.

Push the small reset button with the tip of a pen to reset the stereo back to factor settings and remove the stereo code. If you are using the factory installed stereo, remove the fuse from the car that provides power to the car stereo (look up the location of the fuse to remove in the vehicle's user manual). Leave the fuse out for a moment, then insert it back into the fuse box. This also resets the stereo, returning it back to its original settings and removing all saved data.

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