How to Remove a Car Antenna From a Mitsubishi Lancer

by Mason Howard

If you are replacing the antenna on your Mitsubishi Lancer, the old one can be easily removed. Antennas on Mitsubishi Lancers are mounted above the rear window, and are known as fender mount antennas. Replacement Lancer antennas can be purchased to fit most years. The longer Lancer antennas can also be replaced with short antennas or shark fin antennas.

Unplug the antenna cable from the antenna port located inside the car, on the underside of trunk.

Position a wrench around the base cap of the antenna. Wrap a rubber strip around the base of the antenna first if you want to prevent the jaws of the wrench from scratching it.

Tighten the jaws of the wrench and turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew the antenna. It may take a firm first turn to break the seal.

Pull out the antenna mast, which is housed under the base cap.

Pull out the antenna cable.

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