How to Remove Bugs From a Car Bumper

by Heather Savant

It's spring time, and with spring come bugs. Bugs that will smack into the front bumper and smear all over the hood of your car. Cleaning the bugs off can be a difficult and sometimes annoying hassle. Leaving the dead bugs on the car, however, can ruin the paint job. Bug removing agents can also ruin the paint, so caution should be used.

Cleaning Off the Bugs

Spray Poorboy's World Bug Squash onto the areas of vehicle covered with bugs.

Use the wash mitt to gently scrub away the bugs.

Rinse the area to remove the cleaner residue and loose bugs. Dry the vehicle with the terry cloth towel.

After the Bugs Are Gone

Spray Pinnacle Signature Series II Wax on the vehicle to repair any damage to the paint caused by the cleaner.

Spread the wax using one side of the microfiber towel and let dry to a white finish.

Wipe away all dried wax, using the other side of the microfiber towel.

Spray Diamondite Shield on the windshield of the vehicle, as well as on any other glass surfaces.

Wipe the glass surfaces dry.


  • check It is best to wash your vehicle frequently to remove bugs and dirt. Failure to do so can result in a ruined paint finish. Waxing or polishing the vehicle will also make it difficult for bugs to stick to the vehicle. Diamondite Shield will assist in preventing bugs from sticking to the windshield and to windows of the vehicle.


  • close Always be careful while using harsh chemicals when cleaning the vehicle. It is best to wear gloves to protect the skin from these chemicals.

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