How to Remove the Blower from a 1995 Jeep Cherokee

by Christian Killian

The blower motor in your 1995 Jeep Cherokee is located inside the heater duct work from the engine compartment side. The blower is moves both air through the heater core to warm it or the air conditioning evaporator core to cool it then through the air ducts and into the passenger’s compartment of your Jeep. If you blower has stopped working completely, changing it is the best option. If it is still working on at least one speed, check the ballast resistor before replacing the blower motor.


Open the hood of your Jeep and locate the negative battery cable. Remove the retaining bolt from the cable end with a wrench or socket and ratchet then remove the negative cable from the battery, isolating it from the terminals while you are working to prevent accidental contact.


Locate the coolant overflow bottle on the firewall just above the blower motor. Remove the retaining strap by unhooking the clip from the front of the support bracket and lift the bottle off the tray. Remove the three mounting bolts from the tray with a socket and ratchet, then remove the tray.


Locate the blower motor on the passenger’s side firewall. Remove the electrical connector from the terminals on the outer edge of the blower motor housing and set the wiring harness aside. Do not pull on the wires when you remove the harness or you will damage them.


Remove the mounting bolts on the face of the blower motor with a socket and ratchet. Carefully pry the blower motor loose from the housing with a small pry bar. Slide the blower motor out of the housing, the fan or cage will still be attached so you will have to work that out of the hole in the housing as well.

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