How to Replace the Blower Motor on a '93 Chevy Truck

by Jack Hathcoat
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The 1993 Chevrolet truck uses a highly efficient, squirrel cage fan to circulate the climate control air. Located under the passenger dashboard, it is not uncommon for the fan to pick up plastic or paper in its air inlet causing roaring sounds and diminishing its output. This can also lead to motor failure. The fan is accessible by removing the glove compartment and slightly raising the right-hand side of the dashboard.

Step 1

Use a socket wrench to remove the lower attaching bolts for the glove box and a screwdriver to remove the glove compartment insert where it attaches to the dash frame. Once loose, set the assembly aside. Reach through the opening and unplug the main computer. Use the socket wrench and remove the computer mounting bolts, then pull it out of the way and set it aside. Use the screwdriver to remove the retaining screw that holds the kick panel in place and pull the panel out of the way.

Step 2

Loosen the lower bolt that attaches the dashboard to the A-pillar with a socket wrench. Use a socket to remove the small screws that hold the blower motor in place and unplug the two wires that connect from the dash wiring harness to the blower motor connector. Pull the blower motor back, then have an assistant lift up on the right side of the dash or use a pry bar and lever the dash upward to allow enough clearance to remove the blower. Maneuver the motor downward and remove it from under the dash.

Step 3

Install the new blower motor by reversing the steps for removal. Lift up on the dash to install the motor into its opening. Tilt the motor back to start the lower cage into the duct opening, then fit it into place. Install the mounting screws and and tighten them with the socket wrench, then plug in the wiring connector. Reattach the main computer and plug it in as well.

Step 4

Reinstall the kick panel and tighten the mounting screw with a screwdriver. Reinstall the glove compartment and secure the bolts and screws accordingly. Start the truck and test the blower for proper operation.

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