How to Remove Baffles From an Exhaust Pipe

by Russell Wood

The exhaust pipes on some vehicles -- particularly motorcycles -- carry internal baffles. These baffles lower the amount of noise coming from the exhaust. Not everyone wants to quiet down their exhaust, so some people remove these baffles. The procedure varies from exhaust system to exhaust system, but the basic principles remain the same. To take out the baffles, you need to take apart the exhaust pipe.

Park the vehicle on a level surface and either put on the parking brake or set the kickstand.

Sit in front of the exhaust pipe. Locate the rivets around the perimeter of the exhaust pipe. These rivets hold a cover on the end of the exhaust pipe; you have to remove these rivets to remove the baffles.

Drill out the heads of the rivets on the exhaust pipe using a drill and metal drill bits. Pull off the cover on the exhaust pipe with your hands.

Pull the baffle out of the center of the exhaust pipe.

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