How to Remove an Alternator From a Lexus

by Damon Hildebrand
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The Lexus is generally a very reliable car providing years of satisfactory service. However, even the very best of cars will at times require some level of service above and beyond the scheduled oil change. The alternator on the Lexus car is one of the components commonly repaired or replaced after several years of service. If such is found to be the case, and the alternator is determined to make service necessary, it can be removed with little effort by the car owner.

Removing a Lexus Alternator

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery lead from the car battery terminal. This will prevent any stray current or grounding of electrical circuitry while servicing the alternator.

Step 2

Remove the engine cover to access the alternator and accessory drive belt.

Step 3

Loosen the 14 mm bolt on the accessory drive belt tensioner pulley. Take the free hand and grasp the belt while pulling away from the tensioner pulley. This will release the tensioner pulley and allow the belt to be removed.

Step 4

Remove the 14 mm stud from the alternator using the 14 mm socket.

Step 5

Disconnect the electrical plug connected to the alternator by prying the locking tab loose with the regular screwdriver. Pull the plug connector away from the alternator and allow it to swing out of the way.

Step 6

Remove the 14 mm through bolt from the alternator using the 14 mm wrench or socket. Support the alternator with the free hand until bolt is removed completely.

Step 7

Slide alternator out of the engine bay.

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