How to Remove an Alternator Fuse in a Toyota

by Dustin Thornton

Fuses protect the electrical systems of your vehicle from overloading by destroying themselves if the electrical current is too high. If one of the components of your Toyota's electrical system is not functioning properly, check and replace the corresponding fuse before investigating the problem further. Toyota systems have a charging system fuse that provides a linkage between the alternator and the battery. You can remove, check and replace this fuse yourself with no special tools or knowledge.

Step 1

Park the Toyota and stop the engine. Pull the hood lock release lever, located on the left side of the steering wheel, below the dash.

Step 2

Pull the auxiliary catch lever, located beneath the center portion of the front of the hood and lift the hood up. Insert the hood support rod into the hood support slot.

Step 3

Locate the fuse block within the engine compartment to the right of the battery.

Step 4

Lift the tab on the cover of the fuse box and remove the cover.

Step 5

Locate the fuse labeled "ALT-S" on the fuse diagram. The fuse diagram is a sticker, usually located on the top or bottom of the fuse box cover, which shows the location of each fuse within the fuse box. The "ALT-S" fuse is the charging system fuse.

Step 6

Locate the fuse removal tool within the fuse box. The fuse removal tool is a plastic set of tweezers held in place with a plastic clip. Pull the fuse removal tool off the plastic clip to remove it.

Step 7

Grasp the top of the "ALT-S" fuse with the fuse removal tool and pull directly up to remove it from the socket.

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