How to Remove A-Frame Bushings

by Russell Wood

The control arms on your vehicle's suspension are sometimes referred to as A-frames because of the letter that they look like. These A-frames have bushings on the base of the A shape, which connect the arms to the frame. When these bushings wear out, the suspension will go out of alignment, causing the vehicle to handle poorly and potentially get into an accident. To fix the issue, you have to replace the bushings.

Step 1

Place the a-frame in the hydraulic press so that it's oriented vertically in the press. Make sure that the steel portion of the A-frame by one of the bushings is on the press stands.

Step 2

Find a socket that is the same diameter as the rubber bushing on the A-frame and is smaller than the steel portion of the A-frame.

Step 3

Lower the press down onto the socket until the press contacts the socket. Continue lowering the press until the socket pushes the bushing all the way through the A-frame and is removed from the arm.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for the remaining bushing in the A-frame.

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