How to Remove an A/C Compressor

by Anthony Smith

The compressor is one of the major components of the air-conditioning system in your car. Should it begin to fail, you will notice it immediately, and what used to be a pleasant drive will be very uncomfortable on a hot summer day. Fortunately, removing the compressor so that it can be replaced is a job that most car owners can handle.

Attach an air conditioning reclaimer's connecting lines to the high and low sides of the a/c system and remove the refrigerant from the system as described in the owner's manual of the reclaimer. For additional information on refrigerant recovery, see the Resources section.

Disconnect the battery and take off the accessory drive belt. Jack up the vehicle and secure it on jack stands.

Remove the tire and any necessary fascia, lines and shields to get access to the compressor.

Locate the suction hose fitting on the compressor and remove the hose from it. Then do the same for the discharge hose fitting.

Pull apart the compressor's electrical connector and then remove the mounting bolts, along with the compressor mounting stud. The compressor is now free and can now be maneuvered so that you can remove it.

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