How to Remove an AC Compressor From a Cadillac

by Eli Laurens
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Most Cadillac automobiles were manufactured with air conditioning systems, which use a compressor to circulate a freon coolant through the system. This compressor operates at high pressures and can wear out or fail, requiring replacement.

Step 1

Have the air conditioning system evacuated with professional equipment at a garage or oil change center. Some places will do this for free because they are compensated for collecting the discharged freon.

Step 2

Disconnect the battery from the car by turning the positive terminal bolt counterclockwise. Place the terminal away from the battery.

Step 3

Disconnect the wiring harness from the compressor by pulling out the adapter plug from the connector on the unit. Store this wire away from the work area.

Step 4

Disconnect the freon lines by turning the compressor's line bolts counterclockwise with the line wrench. Some systems use a standard nut size, and can be removed from the compressor with a normal wrench. Store them away from the compressor.

Step 5

Remove the drive belt from the compressor's pulley wheel by loosening the tension on the belt. For serpentine systems, press firmly on the tension pulley arm and slide the belt out from underneath the idle pulley. On single belt systems, the compressor has an \"adjustment bolt\" that will allow the unit to slide when loosened. (The other mount bolts must also be loosened for the compressor to move, giving slack to the belt.) Slide the belt from the compressor pulley wheel.

Step 6

Remove the compressor mount nuts and slide the mount bolts out. The compressor will now be free for removal, and can be manipulated out of the engine compartment.

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