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How to Add Refrigerant to the AC on a 2000 Ford Expedition

by Owen Pearson

As your 2000 Ford Expedition ages, the air conditioning unit will gradually lose its ability to cool the cabin of the vehicle. This is most often because the air conditioner unit needs to be recharged with refrigerant. The refrigerant cools the air that the blower forces into the vehicle. While a repair shop can recharge the air conditioner unit, you can do it much more cheaply yourself.


Allow the Expedition to cool for 20 to 30 minutes if the engine is hot. Open the hood and locate the air conditioner unit. Locate the service hoses on the unit. There is a low side hose attached to the accumulator and a high side hose attached to the compressor.


Place the recharge service hose on the valve of the R134A refrigerant. Open the valve to puncture the can and close the valve quickly to keep the refrigerant from escaping.


Attach the other side of the recharge hose on the low side fitting. Start the Expedition's engine. Turn the air conditioner to the highest setting. Open the valve on the R134A refrigerant can. Lift the can to allow the refrigerant to enter the air conditioning unit.


Close the valve on the refrigerant can once it is empty. Shut off the engine and disconnect the recharge hose from the low side fitting.


  • Recharging your Expedition's air conditioner each spring will help prevent the possibility of having the air conditioner stop working in the middle of summer.


  • Wear eye protection and gloves when recharging your Expedition's air conditioning unit to prevent injuries.

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