How to Replace a Nissan Quest Compressor

by Jeffrey Caldwell

There a few things in life that seem more miserable than being stuck in a car on a hot summer day with a broken air conditioner. Since mini-vans like the Nissan Quest are not designed with rear windows that open fully, it can feel like being trapped inside an oven.

Compressor Removal

Have an air conditioning technician remove the refrigerant from the system and recycle it.

Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal.

Lift the front of the vehicle according to instructions provided in the owner's manual and support it with jack stands.

Remove the air conditioner drive belt, by loosening the tensioner pulley bolt and sliding the belt off the pulley.

Separate the wiring harness from the compressor clutch.

Remove the high pressure switch electrical connector from the back of the compressor.

Remove the bolt that secures the refrigerant manifold and lines to the rear of the compressor. Plug the open fittings to prevent dirt, oil or moisture from contaminating the air conditioning system.

Loosen the two upper mounting bolts.

Loosen and remove the two lower mounting bolts.

Remove the two upper mounting bolts.

Remove the compressor.

Compressor Installation

Drain the oil from the old compressor and measure the volume. It should be between three to five ounces.

Drain the oil from the new compressor.

If the amount of oil in the old compressor was between three to five ounces put that exact volume of fresh oil in the new compressor. Add three ounces if it was less than three. Add five if it was more than five.

Set the compressor in position.

Start threading the two upper mounting bolts, but do not tighten them.

Reinstall and tighten the two lower mounting bolts.

Tighten the two upper mounting bolts.

Install new o-rings in the refrigerant manifold and reinstall it on the back of the compressor. Be sure to remove the plugs you installed earlier.

Reinstall the compressor drive belt, by sliding it over the pulleys.

Adjust the drive belt tension. Place a straight edge over the length of the belt and hold a ruler perpendicular to the straight edge. At a point halfway between the pulleys, press down on the belt and measure the distance between the belt and the straight edge. It should be between one quarter and one half inch. If the belt deflects more than one half inch, loosen the tensioner pulley bolt and turn the adjusting bolt to tighten it.

Reconnect the wiring harness to the compressor clutch.

Reconnect the high pressure switch electrical connector to the back of the compressor.

Lower the vehicle.

Reconnect the ground cable to the negative battery terminal.

Take the vehicle to an air conditioning technician to have the system tested and recharged.


  • Use an anti-seize compound on the threads of the mounting bolts to make disassembly easier next time.


  • The air conditioning system is under intense pressure; never work on any air conditioning components until the refrigerant has been removed. It is illegal to release the refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems into the air. Always have a certified air conditioning technician remove and recycle the refrigerant in your vehicle.

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