How to Identify GM AC Compressors

by Floyd Drake III
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General Motors has used a variety of different compressor models throughout the years, including those manufactured by Harrison and AC Delco/Delphi. Identification relies on the information found on the ID tag on the compressor housing. All of the numbers may be necessary when contacting a GM parts department, so writing them down for future reference is suggested, because similar compressors may have different electrical ratings, depending on the vehicle model, engine and AC requirements.

Step 1

Locate the tag on the compressor. Automobile air-conditioning compressors are normally located at the front of the passenger's side of the engine, off to the side. There is a belt attached to the pulley on the front of the compressor. The tag is located on the back or side of the compressor.

Step 2

Read the identification tag. Located on the compressor ID tag are different numbers and codes, including the manufacturer's model number and the GM part number, which are identified by the appropriate heading.

Step 3

Look for the compressor model type on the ID tag, indicating the general model designation of the compressor. This designation may or may not be present on the ID tag. Major GM AC compressor model types are the V5, R4, H-6, DA6, A6 and SD7H15.

Step 4

Reference either the model type designation or the manufacturer's seven-digit model number to a GM AC compressor listing. Thorough listings are found on the Airco Parts site, under the respective GM brand name. These listings identify the vehicle model, year, compressor type and compressor model number.

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