How to Identify Holley Carburetors

by Floyd Drake III
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Holley carburetors are widely known for their performance applications. Muscle car enthusiasts have used Holleys on high-performance engines since the early 1960s and are known for their design characteristics, which make them easy to rebuild. Holley has produced many different carburetors over the years which incorporate both two and four-barrel designs. Identification issues include: recognizing Holley carburetors from those manufactured by Carter or Rochester, determining the Holley model in question and differentiating Holley model numbers from the auto maker's part number.

Step 1

Separate a Holley carburetor from those of other manufacturers. This is easily accomplished by looking for the manufacturers name on one of the carburetor's sides. Holley, Rochester and Carter carburetors are normally designated with the company name.

Step 2

Locate the Holley model number. After determining the carburetor is a Holley, look for the code numbers, usually located on the side of the air horn. The Holley model number is present along with the auto maker part number, if factory-issued, a date and application code. Locate the lone four-digit code. Other manufacturers do not use a four-digit model number. Two common model numbers for both auto and truck applications include the 4150 and 4160.

Step 3

Cross-reference the model number with a Holley listing, similar to those found on Holley and Carbs Unlimited. Holley gives technical specifications on the models, while Carbs Unlimited offers visuals of all Holley units, including diagrams specific model number locations. As These are model numbers and not codes, a listing must be consulted.

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