How to Find Parts Numbers on Edelbrock Carburetors

by Stacy Morgan
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Founded by the son of a grocery store owner, Edelbrock began producing parts in response to the desire of the auto racing community for aftermarket performance accessories. Headquartered in southern California, Edelbrock produces carburetors, cylinder heads and other aftermarket parts utilizing state of the art sand casting and precision machining tools for use in increasing vehicle performance for racing. Each Edelbrock carburetor to come off the production line is stamped with a model number for parts identification.

Step 1

Tilt the carburetor back onto its side on a level, sturdy surface so the "Edelbrock" logo sticker is facing up.

Step 2

Turn the carburetor so the base plate is facing towards you.

Step 3

Locate the four-digit model number on the left hand side face of the base plate. This is the model number of the carburetor.

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