How to Identify Wayne Compressors

by Clifton Watson

Air compressors made by the Wayne Company have been around for years, and they are still a favorite of the various industries, like car maintenance, that make extensive use of air compressors. According to the Air Compressor Analysis website, Wayne compressors are considered to be some of the best in the business. It stands to reason that you'd like to know if the air compressor you've been using has been manufactured by a company as well-regarded as Wayne.

Step 1

Look at the type of air compressor you have. Wayne has manufactured three types of air compressors: dresser, industrial, and tank mounted. The dresser model is oriented horizontally. It has a 5 HP electric motor and a capacity between 51 and 100 gallons. The industrial model is a two-stage compressor and has a capacity of 120 gallons. The tank mounted compressor has a 10 HP engine and a built-in pressure gauge. If your compressor can be described as one of these, it just might be a Wayne.

Step 2

Look at the side of the tank on your compressor. This will typically hold the Wayne logo. It can be plain text, or the word "Wayne" inside of an oval. If the word "Wayne" appears on your tank, then your compressor is a Wayne Co. device.

Step 3

Take a look at the leather belt drive, if your compressor has one. If it is a Wayne, it will say something akin to "Wayne" or "Mfg by Wayne Co." on it.

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