How to Troubleshoot a Ford F-250 AC

by Alibaster Smith
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The air conditioning system, or AC system, on your Ford F-250 should give you years of trouble-free performance. The AC system uses compressed refrigerant to cool the cabin when you turn the air conditioning on. If this system fails, it is normally due to a leak at the compressor. Your Ford F-250's AC compressor can be purchased at most auto parts stores if you need a replacement. The refrigerant may or may not be available for commercial purchase depending on the year of your Ford. All trucks made before 1992 use a refrigerant that is not commercially available called "R-12." Before replacing anything, however, you need to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1

Start the F-250's engine and allow the truck to warm up. When the needle on the water temperature gauge is at or near the middle of the gauge, the truck has reached its normal operating temperature.

Step 2

Turn the AC to its coolest setting.

Step 3

Turn the fan speed to the highest setting.

Step 4

Check to see if there is any cold air blowing from the system. If there is no cold air, then you may have a leak in the AC system or your pump has failed.

Step 5

Shut off the engine and open the hood of the F-250.

Step 6

Look at the condition of the accessory belt that is wrapped around the AC compressor in the engine bay. The belt drives the AC pulley on the AC compressor. The belt should not be frayed, the belt teeth should not be chipped, cracked or peeling and the belt teeth should not be "shiny" or worn (also called "hazing"). If the belt looks worn or damaged in any way, the AC compressor will not run properly because the belt turns the pulley on the compressor. To fix this problem, you will need to have the belt replaced. If the belt is fine or if you replace the worn belt and the compressor still isn't generating any cold air into the cabin, then you will need to have the AC compressor serviced by a professional mechanic trained in handling air conditioning units.

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