How to Rebuild the TPMS When You Get New Tires

by Justin Cupler

On all vehicles 2008 and later, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) comes standard per federal law. TPMS measures the air pressure in each tire and alerts you if any tire loses 25 percent of its air pressure. This new system does have maintenance requirements. Whenever you replace your tires, rebuilding your sensor kit is advisable. This process replaces the old valve stem replacement in cars prior to 2008 without TPMS. You are going to learn this process of rebuilding the TPMS kit.

Using the valve core removal tool, remove the valve core by inserting the slotted part of the removal tool over the core and turning counter clockwise.

Remove the TPMS nut by using a ratchet and socket. Turn the nut counter clockwise until it is loose.

Remove the TPMS senor and valve by pulling it through the hole in the rim. Make certain the sealing rings come out with it.

Place the new sealing ring on the sensor side of the valve stem. Push the stem back through the hole in the rim and place the upper sealing ring on the sensor, if equipped. Screw the new TPMS nut on the valve stem and tighten only finger tight.

Use the micro-torque wrench to torque the nut down to the amount specified in the instruction included with the kit.

Insert the new valve core by placing the core in the slotted section of the valve core tool and turning clockwise until tight.


  • check Always use the valve core included in the kit, substitution can cause problems.
  • check Only reset the sensors if it is needed.

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