How to Rebuild a Farmall Cub Carburetor

by Andrea Walk

The Farmall Cub is a vintage farm tractor that was, at one time, one of the leading brands on the market. Although they are no longer produced, there are many collectors and enthusiasts who buy, sell and use Farmall Cub tractors. If the Farmall Cub runs poorly, or dies when the throttle is increased, it is a sign that the carburetor may need to be taken apart, cleaned and rebuilt. This process can be accomplished in an afternoon.


Place the carburetor on a work bench and place an old bucket nearby.


Remove the screw holding the float bowl in place and drain the excess fuel from the float bowl into the bucket.


Remove the old float bowl gasket and throw it away.


Insert the straw-like spray tip onto the nozzle of the spray carburetor cleaner. Clean out the float bowl.


Spray out all the ports the fuel lines were attached to with the carburetor cleaner.


Remove the carburetor jets and the high-adjustment needle. Spray out all the orifices with the cleaner.


Move the throttle arm back and forth manually while you spray the area down well. Allow the carburetor to dry.


Re-insert the needle and the carburetor jets with the screwdriver. Replace the needle or any of the jets with replacement parts from the carburetor kit if any of the pieces are corroded.


Attach a new float bowl gasket to the rim of the float bowl. Attach the float bowl and its retaining screw with the screwdriver.

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