PT Cruiser Power Window Problems

by Jake Reed

The PT Cruiser is a car model produced by Chrysler Corporation. It is a small, multipurpose vehicle and was introduced in 2000. One of the most frequently reported problems are the windows, and the wiring and switches that power them.

Front/Back Windows

One issue involves the front windows failing to work while the back ones remain fine. The back windows can be controlled from the floor console in the back and from the mid-console; the front ones only respond to the middle console.

Up and Down

Another problem involves the window switch. The windows have no problem going down but don't go back up. This is due to the window switch on the dashboard being damaged or broken.

Alignment Issues

The alignment of the windows can also cause problems. While the windows are up, the insulating strip begins to fall off. The strip tends to gradually get looser. This can impede the windows as they go down and up.

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