Location of the Turn Signal Relay Switch in a 2001 Ford Expedition

by Kyle McBride

If the turn signals and hazard flashers aren't working in your 2001 Ford Expedition, check the fuses in the passenger compartment fuse panel. The fuse panel is to the left of the steering column, under the dashboard and near the brake pedal. Both a yellow 20A fuse in slot No. 13 and a red 10A fuse in slot No. 23 are needed for the turn signal flasher. The flasher relay is in the blower-flasher relay block.

Blower/Flasher Relay Block

To find the blower/flasher relay block, get under the dashboard on the driver side and look up in the area to the right of the steering column. There's a small black box up there that holds the flasher and blower relays.

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