The Pros & Cons of Owning a Pickup Truck

by Ron Augustine

A pickup truck is a motor vehicle that has a rear cargo bed with an open top. It is usually bigger than most cars, and has a reputation for being the ideal vehicle for blue-collar laborers. The cab is usually smaller than other vehicles' cabs, sometimes with only enough room for one row of seats. There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a pickup truck, but it depends on what you plan on using it for.


The pickup truck is different than a van, SUV or other car in that the back half of the vehicle consists of a bed for storage. This bed is long and flat and easily accessed. This is an advantage for people who work in construction jobs that require the regular transportation of heavy materials. It is also helpful for moving large objects like furniture, which would not fit in any other type of motor vehicle.


One disadvantage of owning a pickup truck is paying for gas. The average pickup truck gets only about 23 miles per gallon. Compare that to modern hybrid vehicles, which get over 50 mpg. For a tradesmen who uses a pickup to travel from job to job, fuel expenses can be high.


While a bed is considered an advantage of the pickup truck, it forces the cab of the vehicle to be smaller, limiting seat space. Many trucks today do have small back seats. People should never sit in the bed of a truck. If more than two people need to go somewhere in a pickup truck, it can be uncomfortable.


Pickup trucks are more durable than most other vehicle types. Their rear beds are separated from the cab, allowing for chassis flex that enables pickups to withstand, carry and pull heavier loads than any other type of passenger vehicle. Most of them have four-wheel drive, enabling them to drive through more hazardous terrain. If you're looking for a vehicle to use for hard labor jobs, the pickup truck is the best option.


There are safety advantages and disadvantages for a pickup truck. The high seating offers better visibility, but pickups are harder to maneuver on the road due to their size. In an accident, the damage that will be done to the truck may be less than that of any other type of car. Since they lack back seats or have small ones, they are not good for transporting young children. Babies' car seats probably won't even fit in most pickup trucks.

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