What Programs Help to Design Paint Schemes for Cars?

by Pheori Wiley
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The reconstructed ancient car painted in two colors. image by Yuri Bizgaimer from Fotolia.com

Choosing a layout or design pattern for your vehicle can sometimes become a long and drawn out process. Software can assist you in designing a paint scheme that can be unique, extraordinary or simply conventional.Those with a creative flair can utilize the several paint programs that are widely used to design vibrant paint schemes for cars.


Paint.NET is a photo editor designed for use with computers that run on either Windows XP or Windows 2000. Paint.NET allows users to design specific 3D models and then come up with color schemes to stylize them. For those who would like to design paint schemes for their vehicles, Paint.NET is a useful tool that provides a wide range of freedom and personalization. Paint.NET includes state-of-the-art layering tools that are generally only available in high-end software. Best of all, this software is free to download and operate. The program can be downloaded from www.getpaint.net.

Adobe After Effects

Using the 3D Max plugin with Adobe After Effects will allow the user to create a number of models and apply advanced layering techniques to design a wide variety of car paint schemes. 3D models also can be directly imported into the Adobe After Effects system, providing an additional creative element for paint scheme designers to experiment with. Adobe After Effects employs cutting-edge visual technology that gives designers unrestricted access to a wealth of themes, design patterns and color schemes. However, as is the case with most of the software Adobe markets, a hefty price tag might discourage those looking for the ideal paint scheme software. Adobe After Effects can be purchased from the company's official website: www.adobe.com

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Corel Paint Shop Pro is a powerful software engine that allows users to design images or patterns using a number of efficient paint tools. Although this program is equipped with a number of advanced tools, it has a highly user-friendly software interface. First-time users should not have too much trouble learning how to design their own paint schemes. The program will allow users to create custom graphic design images or choose from a variety of royalty-free designs that can be downloaded directly onto the hard disk from the company's servers. Corel Paint Shop Pro can be purchased from www.corel.com for about $100.

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