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Programming Instruction for the Keyless Entry on a Grand Am

by Carolyn Barton

A keyless entry system was available in Pontiac Grand Ams beginning in the 1994 model. The system comes with a key fob remote that fits on your key chain. When a remote is lost or broken, it often involves a costly trip to a mechanic or locksmith to buy a new remote and have it programmed. If your Grand Am was made before 2000, you can buy a new remote from an online retailer and program it yourself in less than five minutes.

Programming 1994 to 1996 Models

Step 1

Locate the programming connector in the back of the left side of the trunk. You may have to pull the carpet back to access it.

Step 2

Place one end of the jump wire in each of the two programming terminals. A jump wire is any small wire that is made of a conductive material, such as copper.

Step 3

Listen for the vehicle to lock and unlock the doors. This signifies that it has entered programming mode.

Step 4

Push any button on the remote and listen for the doors to lock and unlock again. Do the same for any other remotes that need to be programmed.

Remove the jump wire from the programming connector. Close the trunk and test the remote.

Programming 1997 to 1999 Models

Step 1

Place the key in the ignition and ensure that it is in the off position.

Step 2

Locate the programming connector in the back driver's side of the trunk. It may be under the carpet and is a plastic connector with two wires running into it.

Step 3

Connect the two terminals of the programming connector with a jump wire.

Step 4

Press the lock and unlock buttons of the remote at the same time. The vehicle will lock and unlock the doors in response. Repeat this step with any additional remotes.

Remove the jumper wire from the terminals and test the remotes.

Programming 2000 Model

Step 1

Sit in the vehicle and close all the doors. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position.

Step 2

Turn the key to the off position and remove it from the ignition.

Step 3

Push the unlock button on the driver door and continue to hold during the following step.

Step 4

Place the key in the ignition, and then remove it completely. Do this three times, leaving the key in the ignition the third time.

Step 5

Let go of the unlock button and listen for the vehicle to beep three times to signify it has entered programming mode.

Push both the unlock and lock buttons on the remote control at the same time and hold until the vehicle beeps twice. Repeat this for any additional remotes. Remove the key from the ignition to exit programming.

Items you will need

  • Keyless remote
  • Ignition key
  • Jump wire

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