How to Program Hummer Keyless Remotes

by Matthew Fortuna

Programming your Hummer keyless remote is as simple as a few pushes of the buttons on your remote, and will allow you to lock and unlock your car doors, start your car, and open your trunk remotely. Needing only a key for the vehicle and your keyless remote, the programming process can be done by anyone and will take only a few simple minutes.

Put your key in the ignition of your vehicle and make sure all of the doors and the trunk are closed before you get in your vehicle. Do not turn your car on.

Hold the unlock button on your driver door and turn your key two clicks to the right. Your car will not be started, but it will be in the "On" position. Continue holding the "Unlock" button.

Turn your key to the left so your car is off, and then turn it on and off one more time, all while holding the unlock button. The horn will then honk, and your doors will all lock, which will signify that the programming mode is active and you can release the "Unlock" button.

Press and hold both the "Unlock" and "Lock" buttons on your keyless remote. Hold the buttons for between 10 and 20 seconds. Once the locks have again clicked on the car, you can release the buttons.

Turn you key into the "On" position again and then turn it off. Your car's horn will once again activate, signifying that the programming mode has ended.

Remove your key and test your keyless remote to see if the programming mode has worked.

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