How to Program GM Keyless Remotes

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
Eric Ferguson/Demand Media

Because most GM vehicles share similar electronic components, the process for programming most GM keyless remotes is the same. Some vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G6 and Chevrolet Malibu, do not have programmable remote systems. Use this procedure to program up to four keyless remotes to your GM vehicle, or eight if it's equipped with a driver's information center.

Step 1

Get in your vehicle and shut all the doors. Put your key in the ignition switch and hold down the "Unlock" button on your door panel.

Step 2

Examine your ignition area closely. There are key settings besides cranking the engine: "off," "on" and "acc." Quickly toggle the key between "off" and "on" twice with the door unlock button held down.

Step 3

Release the "unlock" button and listen for the doors to lock and unlock. This signals you are in programming mode.

Step 4

Hold down the "lock" and "unlock" button on the keyless remote to program it to the vehicle. Wait for the doors to lock and unlock again to signal that the programming is complete.

Repeat the procedure to program a total of four remotes to your GM vehicle.


  • Some newer GM vehicles are equipped with a driver's information center. For these vehicles, insert your key and turn it to the "on" position. Toggle through the settings by pressing the information ("I") button until "relearn remote keys" is displayed. When it's displayed, press "Set." Press and hold the "unlock" and "lock" button until the warning chime rings. When the chime rings, your remotes will be programmed.

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