How to Program a Keyless Entry for a 2008 Chevy Silverado

by John Smith

A remote, keyless-entry system transmitter or RKE transmitter controls the keyless entry system on your Chevrolet Silverado. The device is programmed to an individual Silverado using a set procedures utilizing the Silverado's driver information center located the near the instrument panel. This simplifies the programming method while at the same time prevents theft. You cannot access the driver information center without turning the Silverado on, and this can't be done unless you have the ignition key.

Step 1

Insert your key into the ignition and turn it clockwise to turn the Silverado ignition on.

Step 2

Press the "vehicle information button" located in the instrument panel below the tachometer. It has an image of a car and an "i" on the front and is the second button down in the cluster. Hold it until you see "PRESS V TO RELEARN REMOTE KEY" on the display panel.

Step 3

Press the "set/reset" button until "REMOTE KEY LEARNING ACTIVE" shows on the display panel. This is the fourth and last button in the cluster and looks like a checkmark.

Step 4

Click the "lock" and "unlock" buttons on the remote you wish to program, and hold the buttons down 15 seconds. Release the buttons after you hear a chime. You can program up to eight remotes for the 2008 Silverado.

Step 5

Turn the ignition key to the "Off" position and remove it from the Silverado. This exits programming mode.

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