How to Program an Audi HomeLink

by Mark Ivanko
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Programming your garage door opener(s) to your Audi is a fairly straightforward task. The company that produces the system for Audi's remote garage controller is responsible for making the systems for most of the other car manufacturers today. The entire process should take you less than five minutes to perform. Soon you'll be able to say goodbye to those clunky garage door openers.

Programming your Audi Homelink system

Step 1

The first time that you program your garage door opener you will need to make sure that the system is reset. When you are seated in either front seat, press and hold I and III (the two outer buttons on the homelink controller) for 20 seconds until you see the indicator start flashing. Now your homelink is ready to be programmed.

Step 2

Press and hold the number that you wish to program with your remote (either I, II or III). Once the indicator light starts to blink slowly you are ready to start training your homelink system. The system is now in "training mode" and you will have 5 minutes to complete the process.

Step 3

Get out of your car and go to the front of your driver's side headlight (the receiver is located just underneath the driver's side headlight).

Step 4

Standing about 3 to 5 inches away from the headlight, press and hold the desired button that you wish to have programmed to your vehicle. If the programming has been accepted, you will see your hazard warning lights blink three times. The means that the vehicle has accepted the code and programming was successful.

Step 5

Return to your vehicle and press the original button that you pressed in step 2 to begin programming. If the indicator light is solid after you press it then training is done and the code was accepted successfully.

Step 6

To program another remote, simply return to step 2 and follow the same process.

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