Problems With Knock Off Wire Wheels

by Rebekah Worsham

Knock off wire wheels can lend a a bold look of sophistication and sportiness to vehicles of most any type and age. Like most products available for purchase, knock off wire wheels have occasional issues that can lead to frustration for the buyer. These problems can range from minor issues to structural defects that require constant repair.

Frequent Maintenance

Although knock off wheels can provide a sleek look to your car, one of the biggest trade offs for obtaining the look is constant maintenance. The knock off, which is the large nut that secures the wheel to the car’s hub, must be kept tight in order to keep the wheel properly placed. These nuts often times come loose and require frequent tightening in order to keep the wheel secure. In addition to the nut frequently coming loose, wire wheels often become dirty and must be cleaned often to prevent build up. Cleaning is sometimes difficult because of the tightness of the spokes, which are difficult to clean behind.

Broken Spokes

In addition to frequently loosened bolts, the spokes on wire wheel knock offs have a propensity to become loose and fall off. This is often times caused by driving over rugged terrain and typical wear and tear on the wheel. Spokes that come off in an inconspicuous location can often times go unseen, however, spokes that become loose and fall off in a prominent location on the wheel, such as near the front, can present an eyesore and require replacement. Because knock off wire wheels tend to be more expensive than steel disk wheels, frequent replacement can become expensive over time.

Wear on Hub

Of all of the issues that can occur when using knock off wire wheels on your car, one of the most serious problems that can occur is the wear that knock off wire wheels place on the wheel's hub. Worn hubs tend to wear against the hub of the axle. Over time the axle’s hub may begin to spin within the wheel as a result. When this occurs, the hub can spin the knock off loose, causing the knock off to fall off, often times including with the wheel itself. This can be prevented through regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that the wire wheel knock off remains properly installed.

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