Problems With 1998 Ford Expeditions

by Sam Kellenberg
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The 1998 Ford Expedition was the second year of the Expedition model, which continues to release new full-size SUVs as of 2011. Registered owner complaints include engine problems, suspension and transmission problems, accessories issues and electrical problems, among other issues.

Engine Problems

The most common problems registered on 1998 Ford Expeditions involve engine problems. As many as 5 out of 10 complaints detail that the spark plug blew out of or ruined the head. Other complaints claim that the engine burns oil, misfires, stalls at idle or shudders at idle.

Suspension Problems

The second most common complaint among 1998 Ford Expedition owners is that the air suspension fails frequently. The problem is often identified by a "sagging" back end and a "bouncy" response while driving. The average mileage of this problem and repair cost were noted to be 142,429 and $338, respectively.

Transmission Problems

Common transmission problems of the 1998 Expedition include misaligned shift indicators, slipping transmissions and an inability to go into park. ALLDATA indicates that there has been a safety recall (TSB 97S86).

Safety Recalls

Since 1997 there have been seven safety recalls on parts associated with the 1998 Ford Expedition, which have included recalls on exterior lights, vehicle speed control mechanisms, wheel lugs and bolts, lights, and gear position indication mechanisms, and other items. If your SUV still contains a recalled part, check with your local dealer for replacement options.

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