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KIA Transmission Problems

by David Perez

Reported problems with Kia transmissions include sticking and lagging. According to the website AutoPartsFair, signs of malfunctioning Kia transmissions include oil leaks, burning odors, muddy transmission fluid and unusual sounds when shifting.


Some Kia drivers have reported clutch failures resulting in the car's inability to go into gear. According to the website Consumer Affairs, this might be due to improper mounting or grounding of the transmission control unit.


Some Kia owners report issues with lagging gears. A lagging gear is defined as the situation occurring when automatic transmissions take more time than usual to shift up or down.


Kia owners have reported that dealer follow-through on warranties were not what they had expected. Warranties vary based on model and other factors, it is important to understand precisely what your warranty covers before making a purchase.

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