Dodge RAM 1500 Transmission Problems

by Sam Kellenberg
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Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up trucks have been in production since 1994. Similar to any car, as the vehicle ages, certain issues may arise. Problems that have been reported include transmission failure, fluctuating rpm, reverse failure, other reversing problems, breaking planetary gears and torque converter failures.

Transmission Failure

The most common transmission problem with Dodge Ram 1500 trucks manufactured prior to 2000 is transmission failure. The problem usually occurred at about 87,000 miles, with average repair costs over $2,000. The 2001 models seem to experience this issue more than cars manufactured in other years and car owners who registered such complaints occasionally noted that such problems occurred even after a low-stress transmission life. Even when transmissions were rebuilt, drivers continued to experience such issues.

Reversing Problems

Reversing problems have been reported to include complete failure of reversing mechanisms as well as unusual noises heard while reversing. On the average, such problems occurred at odometer readings of 149,000 miles and cost roughly $1800 to repair.

RPM and Gear Problems

A significant complaint from truck owners has been fluctuating rpm and random gear shifts. The most common solution found by owners has been to replace the truck's TPS sensor, which ran an average cost of $20. This problem usually occurred in cars under 100,000 miles.

Accessories Problems

Interior and exterior accessories may include such parts as headlights, windshield wiper blade operation mechanisms and dash mechanisms. Owners commonly report cracked dashboards and latch breakages on sunglasses holders and glove boxes.

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