How to Price a Truck on Kelley Blue Book

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For over half a century, the Kelley Blue Book has been providing dealers and consumers with a way to research the value of new and used vehicles. As the standard price guide for the automotive industry, the book makes it simple to find a reasonable purchase or selling price of trucks of all years and conditions. Originally only a print guide, the Kelley Blue Book has expanded its availability to the Internet as well.

Check the Value of a New Truck

Decide on a type and model of truck to price. However, if you are unable to narrow down your choices to one, Kelley Blue Book online provides a side-by-side comparison option for up to four different vehicles (see Resources below).

Click on "New Car Pricing," since trucks and automobiles are combined into one category.

Use the drop-down menus to select the make and model of the vehicle. Click on "Go" to navigate to a page showing pictures of the two most recent years of your chosen truck.

Use the provided visual representations if you're unsure of which make and model you want to price. Clicking on the pickup or SUV picture will allow you to view a list of truck manufacturers.

Choose a manufacturer to see a list of all of the models of new trucks available from that particular manufacturer, with accompanying photos. Find a model you like or return to the previous screen to select a different make or model.

Click on the descriptive link above the picture of the truck or on the "Overview" link. A summary of the transmission, drive, bed and engine types and MPG information will appear. To discover more information about the vehicle, click on the "Pricing," "Photos" or "Review" links.

Check the Value of a Used Truck

Gather as much information as you can about the specific truck you want to buy or sell. In order to get an accurate value, you'll have to know the mileage, the ZIP code of where the truck is located and any extras with which the truck is equipped. Extras are considered to be anything above and beyond the standard features that come with the truck.

Select the "Used Car" tab at Kelley Blue Book online.

Select the year, make and model of the truck you wish to price from the drop-down menus.

Clarify your purpose for using the Kelley Blue Book in order to determine the type of value you need to know. The trade-in value will show you what a dealer will deem your truck worth in a transaction, while the suggested retail price can give you an idea of what a dealer will sell the truck for on the lot. Private purchase and sale values are represented in the Private Party value.

Choose the value, and select the specific model of truck you're buying or selling on the next screen.

Enter the vehicle details you've gathered and click "Continue."

Determine the condition that best describes your truck by reading the summaries carefully. Take the conditions quiz if you're having difficulty deciding whether the truck is in Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition.

View the Kelley Blue Book values (Excellent, Good and Fair conditions) of the truck make and model.

Use the provided links to switch between the Suggested Retail, Trade-In and Private Party values.


  • check Keep in mind that the Kelley Blue Book values are suggested values, or a place at which buyers and sellers can begin negotiations.

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