How to Change a Power Window Motor on a Ford Windstar

by Don Bowman

A Ford Winstar uses a two-post, cable-operated window regulator. The window motor is mounted separately and is attached to a drum that the cable is wound around. The motor can be replaced without removing the window regulator.

Remove the door panel's Phillips screws from the arm rest and the screw in the door handle. Remove the plastic cover concealing the mounting surface for the outside mirror. Remove the window switch by prying it forward and up with very little pressure. Disconnect the electrical connector. Remove any screws around the circumference of the door panel if any.

Grab the door panel at the bottom and lift it up to release the hooks on the lower part of the door. Tip the bottom of the door panel outward a little and push up to release the top of the door panel where it is hooked on the top ledge. Disconnect all electrical connectors on the door panel. Remove the panel.

Reach inside the access hole to remove the electrical connector to the window motor. Remove the bolts holding the motor to the door. Remove the screws holding the window motor to the regulator barrel.

Install the new motor into the barrel of the regulator. If it does not want to line up with the splines, lower the window slowly and the gear will turn and the motor will line up. Install the screws holding the motor to the regulator. Bolt the motor to the door with the bolts. Install all components in reverse order of removal.


  • check Here is a trick done in service stations which works on most Ford vehicles with a similar window regulator. Look for a set of what appears to be roller bearings made of plastic in the gear section of the motor. When the gear cover is taken off, the plastic is destroyed and comes out in pieces. The trick is to pull the big round gear straight up and off and clean all the plastic out and reinsert the round gear. After inserting the gear, install 10mm nuts where the plastic rollers were, put a little grease in the gears and replace the cover.

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