Porsche Battery Removal

by John Stevens J.D.

The battery used by Porsche is a maintenance-free, sealed casing, meaning that it does not have to be periodically filled with distilled water as with many other types of automotive batteries. However, the battery does have a finite lifespan, and must be replaced when it is no longer capable of holding a charge. Because the battery is inside the trunk, accessing it is easy, and removing the battery typically only takes a few minutes.

Removing the Battery

Two heavy cables are attached to the battery. One is typically referred to as a “positive” cable, and the second referred to as the “negative” cable. Both cables must be removed from the battery. Remove the negative cable first. Note that one of the ends of one cable, where the cable attaches to the battery, is covered with a red rubber sleeve. This is the positive cable and the remaining cable is the negative cable. At the end of the cable is an integral clamp, which features a single bolt and nut combination. Grasp the bolt head with a wrench, then grasp the nut with a second wrench. Use the second wrench to unscrew the nut while holding the bolt stationary with the wrench grasping the bolt head. Lift the clamp off the battery post once loose. The positive cable must be removed next. Lift the red rubber sleeve off the top of the battery cable to expose the clamp, then remove the cable in the same manner used to remove the negative cable. The battery itself sits on top of a metal tray, and is secured in place with a hold-down assembly, which consists of a metal bar that crosses the top of the battery and two vertical metal posts that hold the bar tightly against the battery. Each post is secured to the top of the bar with a single nut. Remove the two nuts with a wrench, then slide the bar off the two posts. The battery is now loose, but can be dangerous to remove because of its weight. To safely lift the battery out of the engine compartment, use a battery carrier. Battery carriers consist of two arms connected to a handle, and resemble jaws. Grasp the two sides of the battery with the carrier, then lift up on the handle. The battery’s weight will cause the jaws to compress against the side of the battery and the battery can safely be lifted out of the trunk.


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