How to Remove the Cover From a Car Battery

by Hans Fredrick
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The battery of a car is where everything starts, literally. Without the power from the battery in a car, your car's ignition cannot start the engine, as there is no power to activate the starter motor. In modern cars, the battery is often shielded by a protective cover. If you want to replace the battery in your car or examine it for cracks or leaks, you may need to remove the cover first in order to access the battery itself.

Step 1

Park your car and put it in "Park" if it is an automatic or first gear if it has a manual transmission. Place the parking brake on in order to secure the car while you work under the hood.

Step 2

Remove any jewelry. Jewelry can conduct electricity, which is a hazard when working with a battery. Wear protective eye-wear and gloves as well.

Step 3

Locate the battery compartment under the hood of your car. It should be easy to spot. It will be a small, rectangular-shaped compartment somewhere in the open spaces around the engine itself. Batteries with covers have a plastic cover over top of the unit that hides the battery from view. Some will have a hole with one exposed battery pole emerging from the cover, while others will have both poles covered. If a pole emerges from it, it should be marked with a negative sign. This indicates the polarity of the battery post. The positive pole should be enclosed by the cover for safety reasons. The most common location for a battery is in the front driver's-side corner of a car.

Step 4

Pull up on the latch on the side of the boxlike cover; the plastic should come free. Then lift the cover straight up and off the battery. Avoid touching the battery itself, especially if it is cracked or leaking.

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