Where Is the Battery Located on a 2006 Saturn Ion?

by Jin Machina
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Your 2006 Saturn Ion uses a maintenance-free battery. General Motors (GM) recommends replacing this battery when it goes bad. The battery's label contains a replacement number referencing the type of battery to use.

Locating the Battery

Your Saturn Ion's battery is located in the trunk, inside the spare tire-compartment next to the tire. Lift up the carpeted floor-cover using the latch to access the battery.

Recommended Battery Replacement

General Motors recommends the ACDelco brand for replacement maintenance-free batteries.

Saving Your Battery

If you don't plan to drive your Saturn Ion for longer than 25 days, it is recommended that you disconnect the black negative (-) cable from the battery. This will maintain the battery's charge while it is not in use.


Batteries contain acid that can cause harm to you when leaking and explosive gas if exposed to flame or electrical sparks. The battery posts contain lead and lead compounds, which are known to have caused cancer and reproductive complications. It is recommended that you wash your hands after handling a battery.

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