How to Recharge a Dry Cell

by Neal Litherland
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Dry cell batteries are made of a cathode core. Graphite is the commonly used material, surrounded by an electrolyte paste. D, C and nine-volt batteries are all dry cell batteries. When these batteries go dead many people simply throw them away; but it is possible to recharge certain dry cell batteries. All you need is the proper battery charger and a power outlet.

Step 1

Locate a battery charger for the appropriate size of dry cell battery. There are battery chargers that will accommodate C, D, nine-volt or AA batteries, for instance.

Step 2

Plug the battery charger into a wall socket. If you have to use an extension cord then make sure the cord is in good condition with no fraying or stripped outer coating.

Step 3

Place the batteries as indicated in the charger. Battery chargers will have the positive and negative terminals marked; match the terminals on the battery to the receptacles in the charger.

Step 4

Leave the batteries in the charger for the time indicated by the charger's instructions. Some chargers will automatically shut off when the battery is charged. Review what the charger's instructions say about the type of dry cell battery you're attempting to charge.

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