How to Polish Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

by Tyson Simmons

Using the proper tools and techniques, polishing your nerf bars lets you get that shine you've always seen but have never been able to duplicate.

Park your vehicle in a location where you can easily access the nerf bars. You may want to place the vehicle on blocks so you can get under the bars.

Wet and clean the surface of the nerf bars. Then let the metal dry before polishing. This may take a few minutes.

Apply a small amount of polish to a buffering pad or a soft cotton rag. Gently dab the polish onto the pad or rag. This will keep you from getting an excess of polish.

Buff the surface with light pressure. Make sure to spread the polish over the complete surface of the nerf bars. Even the bottom and back of the bars can be seen at different angles. You want the entire surface of the nerf bars to match in polishing quality.

After the polish dries from your buffing, remove the excess polish by wiping it away with a clean towel. Wipe gently, as you don't want to rub off your polish.

Repeat to get a good shine as desired. In some cases you will just need to use your polishing rag or buffering pad again, because it will still have an acceptable amount of polish on it.


  • check Use cloths and pads that don't have sewn edges or labels.
  • check When polishing, do smaller areas at a time. It gets the job done much faster and more effectively.
  • check Never put waxes over your polish. It actually lessens the amount of shine.
  • check Polishing in open areas or areas where there is a crosswind actually lessens the amount of contamination.
  • check Park your vehicle in the sun when polishing. It helps with the drying process.


  • close Never get polish near your mouth, eyes or open cuts.
  • close Do not mix polish with any other chemical or cleaning agent.
  • close Polish is very flammable. Don't get it near intense heat or open flames.
  • close Keep polish away from young children.

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