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How to Play Pandora Through a Car Stereo

by Jule Pamplin

Playing Pandora Internet radio through your car stereo system requires you to connect a device to your stereo that can receive Internet service. Use an iPod Touch, iPhone or other smartphone, or a laptop computer to receive Internet in your vehicle. Connect an FM modulator to play the content streaming on the device you have chosen. You'll need to consult your owner's manual for instructions on removing your factory stereo. Once it's out, connect the FM modulator to your stereo and Internet-ready device to enjoy Pandora through your car stereo.


Raise the hood of your vehicle and disconnect the negative battery cable from the vehicle's battery. Use a wrench or pair of pliers to loosen the bolt holding the cable to the battery.


Remove the factory stereo. Consult your vehicle's repair manual for exact procedures.


Disconnect the wiring to the stereo's back panel. Connect the vehicle wiring to the wiring harness adapter and plug the adapter connectors into the corresponding outlets on the back of your stereo.


Plug the antenna cable from your vehicle into the antenna cable of the FM modulator. Plug the FM modulator antenna cable into the antenna outlet on the back of your stereo.


Plug the power and ground outlets of your wiring harness adapter into the appropriate inputs on the FM modulator. The wiring harness adapter leads will be marked to show which ones provide power and grounding to the modulator.


Feed the input lead of the FM modulator through an opening to the adjacent glove compartment of your vehicle.


Replace the stereo into the stereo mounting dock as described in your repair manual.


Replace the grounding cable on the negative battery cable and tighten the cable to the post with the wrench.


Plug the FM modulator input into the Internet-ready device. Access the Internet and navigate to Pandora's website.


Tune your vehicle's stereo to the correct FM modulator frequency printed on the modulator.


  • As long as you have an Internet connection (Edge, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi) you will be able to stream the Pandora content through your car stereo.

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