How to Pimp Up My Toyota Avalon

by Dora Diamond
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Pimping a Toyota Avalon can be a good way to boost your morale. You can also enter car shows, participate in Toyota Avalon car clubs or take pictures to share on automobile websites such as If you have a limited sedan, touring sedan, XL or XLS model--whether new or old--pimping your ride can be an exciting hobby for men or women. You can perform some work on your own or seek a professional to assist you with jobs that are beyond your own abilities.


Step 1

Get a paint job if you have an older model Avalon. Auto paint colors fade after long periods, so you may choose to either refresh the original color or select a new color. If it fits within your budget, be sure that an auto paint professional adds a high, showroom gloss to your paint job.

Step 2

Upgrade your headlights and tail lights. A good example is exhibited on Josh's 2009 Avalon on, as of October 2010. This Quicksilver Avalon has a 55watt, 8000k HID headlight upgrade with a 55watt, 8000k Slim Digital fog light HID kit. It also has added cool white LED lights that trim the bottom of the HID headlights and Lamin-X headlight covers which are available for 2005 and newer Avalons. also offers a variety of tinted tail lights.

Complete the exterior by adding pinstripes that accent the color of your Toyota Avalon, an OEM lip spoiler and/or a customized two piece, stainless steel E&G Chrome Grille. Other exterior options include mud guards, WeatherTech window vent visors, side vents and using chrome molding strips--around the wheel wells or along the bottom of the Avalon's side doors. Remember that the options depend on your personal preference and also the body style or generation of your car. Wheels in chrome, a color or hyper black will also accent your ride with optional painting of the rotors.


Step 1

Add two Pyle PLD72 Headrest/DVD Monitor Units with wireless head sets, USB and SD slots that are interlinked with remotes, to pimp the interior of your Toyota Avalon automobile.

Step 2

Add dashboard features. If your Toyota Avalon does not have a wood grain steering wheel, add one. You may also want to consider a dashboard cover or adding a navigation/GPS system.

Change your seats. Either purchase seat covers or contact a professional to customize your seats. With this in mind, you may want to order customized mats or even change your accelerator and brake pedals.

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