How to Find Parts at an ATV Junkyard

by Rhonda Campbell

Whether your ATV has stopped working or if you just want to get a spare part for your vehicle in case of an emergency, you can find what you are looking for at your local ATV junkyard. You can find items such as axles, engines or tires at the junk yard. The more frequently you visit the ATV salvage yard, the more familiar you will become with where the pieces you are looking for are located.

Match parts. Write down specific details about your ATV, such as the vehicle's make, model, serial number, year and color. You can also bring the part off your own ATV to the junkyard with you. Show the parts locator your old part and let her match it with a comparable piece in the junkyard.

Give the parts locator the exact piece of ATV equipment that you want. For example, if you are looking for a Toyota Tacoma ATV cam cover, tell the parts locator this. Also let the parts locator know if it is okay if the part is slightly banged up or scratched. The more detailed you are about the part you are looking for, the quicker the parts locator can get you the part. Parts with dents or scratches may cost less.

Look through online junkyards. Search for the part on the Internet through electronic salvage companies like Junk Yard Dog and ATV Salvage (see Resources). Search for parts by type, year, make and model. Junk Yard Dog lets you search across the country by city and state.

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