Oil Filter Location on a 4.3 Liter V6

by Tim Petruccio
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The 4.3 liter V-6 engine has been a part of the Chevrolet and GM lineup since it was introduced in the Chevrolet S-10 series trucks and the GMC Jimmy in 1988. The 4.3 liter engine has seen changes over the years. The Vortec V-6 that is a trademark of GM, was a modified, throttle body injected 4.3 liter, which produced more horsepower than the standard TBI V-6. The Vortec became a fully fuel injected V-6 in 1996, when Chevrolet did away with the throttle body.

Step 1

Raise the hood on your truck to provide light underneath the vehicle. Visually inspect the driver's front of the vehicle, under the hood. GM placed the oil filter directly behind the driver's side headlight in early models of the S-10 and S-10 Blazer. If the oil filter is not under the hood, proceed to Step 2 of this article.

Step 2

Lift the front of the vehicle with a 2-ton or greater capacity jack. Place a jack stand underneath both lower control arms on either side of the truck.

Step 3

Lay beneath the front of the truck and slide your body in position where you can access the front of the engine. There are three places that different generations of the 4.3 liter have an oil filter underneath the truck. The first location was right in front of the oil pan on the passenger side bottom of the engine. The second was on the lower side of the engine block, up above the steering and suspension assembly (about 2-feet up from bottom of the engine, passenger front). The final place that GM placed an oil filter on the 4.3 liter is behind a trap door in the front skid plate (Look in front of the engine for a door that says "oil filter," driver's front). The third location behind the skid plate is accessible with a large flat head screwdriver or pliers.

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