How to Remove the Oil Filter from Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

An oil filter change is a basic but critical part of an automobile's maintenance plans. As the oil circulates throughout the engine, it gradually picks up very small metal shavings and other debris left from normal engine operation. The purpose of the filter is to remove this debris from the oil supply. A dirty filter will result in the debris continuously circulating throughout the engine, causing damage. Removing an oil filter from a Vehicles can be a do-it-yourself project with a few simple steps.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Oil Filter from a Suzuki 750 F Katana

Remove the left lower fairing from the motorcycle, using an Allen key to remove the fairing's mounting bolts. Separate the left lower fairing from the right lower fairing by removing the plastic pop rivets. Depress the center post of the pop rivet with an Allen key and pull the rivet out. Reset the rivet for reinstallation by pushing the rivet's tip upwards, popping the center post out from the top of the rivet.

Locate the oil filter on the front of the motor, between the exhaust header pipes. Place an oil pan directly below the oil filter. Using a cap-style oil-filter wrench to remove the oil filter, turning the oil filter counterclockwise to unscrew it. Pull the oil filter away from the motor and place it into the oil pan.

Install a new oil filter by hand, screwing the filter into place until it is seated against the motor. Tighten the filter and additional half-turn to secure it onto the motor.

Reinstall the lower left fairing onto the motorcycle, using an Allen key to tighten the mounting bolts. Reattach the left and right lower fairings with plastic pop rivets. Insert the rivet into the mounting holes and press the center post down to lock the rivet into place.

Items you will need

  • Allen key set

  • Oil pan

  • Cap-style oil filter wrench

  • Replacement oil filter (Suzuki part #16510-03600-X07)

 How to Remove an Oil Filter From a GMC Yukon Denali

Change the oil and replace the filter when the engine is cool to avoid burns and allow the engine to fully drain the oil.

Raise the front of the Yukon with a floor jack, then lower the vehicle onto two jack stands.

Climb underneath the driver’s side of the vehicle, beneath the engine, and locate the oil filter. The filter is a cylinder approximately 6 inches in length which extends from the side of the engine.

Place a oil drip pan underneath the oil filter. Although the vast majority of the engine’s oil will drain from the oil pan, there is likely to be a small amount of oil that drips from the engine once the filter is removed.

Attach an oil filter wrench to the oil filter. An oil filter wrench consists of a single handle and a metal band attached to the handle. This wrench is specifically designed to provide the torque necessary to remove the usually slippery filter. Slide the metal band over the filter and position the band as close to the portion of the filter that enters the engine as possible.

Pull down on the handle of the filter wrench to twist the oil filter in a counterclockwise direction. Once the filter breaks free, continue to twist the filter in a counterclockwise direction by hand until the filter is removed.

Items you will need

  • Floor jack

  • Two jack stands

  • Drip pan

  • Oil filter wrench

 How to Remove the Oil Filter on a Subaru Impreza

Position a set of car ramps in front of the front tires of your Impreza. Carefully drive the cars up on the ramps and place a chock behind the rear wheels of the car.

Place an oil drain pan under the oil pan drain plug. Remove the drain plug with a socket and ratchet, allowing the oil to drain into the pan.

Locate the oil filter on the engine block. It is on the passenger side about halfway back on the bottom of the engine. It is tucked up behind the oil pan and exhaust, so you will have to look up from under the engine to see it.

Slide the oil drain pan under the filter and remove the filter from the engine with an oil filter wrench. There are several styles of filter wrench available but because of the location of the filter, the stamped steel ones that slide on the base of the filter and are turned with a ratchet are the best for this car.

Make sure the rubber gasket comes off with the filter. Place the oil filter in the oil drain pan and allow the old oil to drain out of it before disposal.

Items you will need

  • Car ramps

  • Wheel chocks

  • Oil drain pan

  • Socket set w/ extension

  • Oil filter wrench

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